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Unveiling wine packaging: The Bag-in-Box phenomenon

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In the wine business, presentation is both an art and a science. Every package, from sleek glass bottles to sturdy cardboard boxes, conveys a unique story about the wine it contains. The bag in box has become an unexpected new character in the drama, and is dramatically altering the way we think about wine packaging. For liquids such as milk and juice, the bag-in-box system has been common practice for a long time, but its application in the wine sector is relatively new. Why is this the case today? Its special blend of simplicity, freshness and robustness is the key to the solution.

Exceptional qualities

  • Reliability

After a hard day at work, imagine wanting to have a sip of your favourite wine without having to worry about opening a bottle when you get home. All this is possible thanks to the bag in the box. Pouring a glass of wine is a breeze thanks to its integrated tap and user-friendly design, which also keeps leftovers fresh and ready for the next meeting.

  • Environmental stability

At a time when people are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, boxed bags are an excellent example of a sustainable container. By using less material than traditional bottles, they produce less waste. And because they are lighter, more compact and require less energy to transport, they have a lower impact on carbon emissions.

  • Freshness

Oxygen is one of the main detriments to wine. Oxidation, which occurs when the bottle is opened, affects the taste and quality of the wine. By protecting the wine from exposure to air, the bag-in-box solves this problem. Once opened, the wine retains its freshness for several weeks or even months, as the flexible bag shrinks and prevents oxygen from penetrating.

  • It’s not just packaging

But this type of wine packaging is not only a useful solution, it is also changing the public’s perception of wines packaged in this way.

Some of the world’s best vineyards are now producing high-end bag in boxes, a format previously associated mainly with lower quality wines. These ingenious bottles contain premium wines.

Boxed wine

What is wine packaging called?

What is the name of the wine packaging? Language and geography can influence the name. In English it is often called ‘bag in box’ or simply ‘box wine’. ‘Vin en carton’ is the French term. This practice is called ‘vino en caja’ or ‘bolsa-bag in box’ in Spain, where it is rapidly becoming popular.

Whatever the name chosen, what matters is what is inside this creative receptacle. This method of packaging is becoming increasingly popular at festivals and events, as well as being used in the home. It is the perfect choice for serving wine at outdoor concerts, beach parties or picnics in the park, as it is easy to transport and dispense. Its efficiency and shelf life are highly desirable in restaurants and bars, where it is also becoming increasingly popular.

In short, wine packaging has come a long way since the days of traditional bottles. As well as being sustainable and practical, it preserves the freshness and quality of the wine over a long period of time. Whatever it is called, this packaging, which is redefining the way wine is consumed and shared around the world, is here to stay. It is known as ‘bag in box’ or ‘wine in a box’. So give it a try next time you’re looking for an easy, eco-friendly and novel way to savour your favourite wine. Every sip is a revolution; it’s more than just a container.

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