The Bag in Box for wine as a new way to enjoy its qualities

Wine presented in Bag in box

A large part of consumers have (we have) the habit or the perception of choosing those products that have the most beautiful wine packaging or the one with the most eye-catching label. Consequently, we expect them to be of better quality than those that do not meet these characteristics. It is generally believed that lentils in raffia bags are better than those in paper bags, for example.

The same happens with wine, as there is the conviction that one that is packaged in a tetrabrik (tetrabrik wine) will be of poorer quality than one that is in a glass bottle. Relatively recently, this conception has been changing due to the appearance of the so-called bag in box for wine. Although it is apparently similar to the tetrabrik, it is not, as it has special characteristics that make it a perfect container for the preservation of wine.


Benefits of the Bag in box for wine (Wine packaging)

It is no coincidence that this new system is growing by leaps and bounds, as there are several advantages that it can bring to the oenology sector, which is the sector that uses the BIB the most.

  • The wine is totally protected from external agents such as the sun or light, temperature and oxygen in the air. Thanks to this wine container, we can enjoy its contents for up to 6 weeks, as it does not oxidise or rot.
  • It takes care of the environment, as the container is fully recyclable.
  • It is a perfect container to keep in the fridge, so it is ideal for white or rosé wines.
  • Because it takes up little space and is more affordable than glass bottles, wineries can afford to work with bag in box and bottle wines that have a better quality at a cheaper price.
  • Some wines alter their taste or components when they are bottled, such as when the cork that closes the bottle is pricked or acquires the taste of the cork that closes it.

In Cartobol we want this advantageous storage system to be extended in our country, so we offer our customers the bag in box, so that a greater number of people can enjoy it.

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