Bag-in-Box is made up of an inner layer of transparent film (LLDPE) and a metalised outer layer of “liqui-flex” (thermally laminated LLDPS/MetPet/LLDPE). This means it is highly resistant to flex-cracking, a typical problem encountered during transportation. The packaging is made up of a very precise anti-leakage tap or dispenser. Cartobol offers the best system for protecting your wine from light and oxygen, preventing oxidisation and retaining the original characteristics and properties of the product as it empties in a vacuum environment, thus preventing air ingress. It’s metallic layer also prevents light entering the package. The material for the bags and taps is chosen specifically according to the product and it’s final use.


Depending on the intended use of the bag we can use various taps and dispensing valves. The practical anti-leaking LIQUIDFLO or LIQUIDSURE taps are recommended for bags intended for domestic use, and our exclusive high capacity, reusable Amer taps are particularly well suited to packaging destined for restauraunts or catering establishments. Our bags can be fitted with QCD valves that allow the wine to be poured at a controlled temperature via a traditional wooden drum directly from the bar or restauraunt. The taps are contained within the carton and are only accessed when the product is used for the first time