Ecopack Scotch CBL

The automatic bag-in-box carton closerECOPACK SCOTCH CBL seals cartons with a tape. With a very compact design, it is ideal for end-of-line applications where high productivity is required. It stands out for its speed, precision and reliability
. The boxes are transported by two wide motorised belts with independent speed control.
Each belt has its own motor and frequency inverter, making it very easy to adjust the machine for it.
Format changes in just 3 minutesand without the need for any tools. The metric wheels help foreasy and fast format changes.
304 stainless steel is used to manufacture the structure and the other components that make up the Bag-in-Box carton erector, giving it great strength and resistance to corrosion.
Its innovative front-back system allows reversing the direction of movement in case it is necessary.

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