Ecopack Masterform

The Ecopack Masterform Bag-in-Box carton erector is a state-of-the-art machine that uses the latest servomotor technology to erect the carton quickly, accurately and safely. Con un porceWith a virtually zero failure rate, this erector is optimal for automatic filling lines.
The servomotors and drivers, connected to a powerful PLC, take care of the forming and moving of the carton. The fact that servomotors are used instead of traditional pneumatic pistons, not only makes the machine more productive and efficient, but also saves time during format changeover.
Changeovers take only 5 minutesand no tools are required.
304 stainless steelis used to manufacture the structure and the other components that make up the Bag-in-Box carton erector, giving it great strength and resistance to corrosion.
Its innovative “non-stop” accumulator allows continuous reloading of boxes without stopping production.

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