Ecofill Ht2 Sw Full Action

Filler with two filling heads, automatic and equipped with an electronic counter. The ECOFILL HT2 SW FULL ACTION is a last generation filling machine, fast, precise and very easy to use with automatic start-up, uncapping, air vacuum, filling, nitrogen injection, capping and expulsion. The operator will place the bag on the gripper clow and the packaging machine, thanks to its safety bars and detectors, will know that it is loaded and will automatically start the packaging cycle. While the first head is filling, the operator will load the second head so that, when the first one has finished, the second one will activate the filling without delay. Stainless steel structure. Its state-of-the-art electronic and pneumatic components provide maximum reliability and performance. Equipped with touch screen, safety bars and automatic start-up as well as centrifugal pump with flexible rotor.

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