Bag-in-box bags

Offering the most suitable films for each sector and application has been a priority since our foundation.  Cartobol maintains a stock of bags with films laminated using the thermo-lamination technique, which reduces the micro-cracks caused by flex-cracking while maintaining the high oxygen barrier intact, even after long transports. In addition, thermo-lamination produces a very flexible and mechanically very resistant film. CARTOBOL has a permanent stock of Bag-in-box bags in multiple references. Our aim is to be able to supply in 24-72H, at competitive prices, to companies of very different sizes, industries and needs.

We could classify our bags in 3 families:

  • POLYETHYLENE (PE) BAG-IN-BOX BAGS: transparent film with very low oxygen barrier. Widely used for packaging pasteurised dairy products, liquid egg or non-food products such as fertilisers.
  • METALLISED POLYESTER BAG-IN-BOX (PET-MET): metallised film with high oxygen and light barrier. Widely used for packaging wines, oils, juices, mineral water, soft drinks and other products easily sensitive to oxygen and light.
  • EVOH BAG-IN-BOX (EVOH): transparent film with high oxygen barrier and high mechanical resistance. Barrier slightly sensitive to climatic conditions. Ideal for packaging high temperature juices or products where it is necessary to see the colour of the contents.

Bag-in-box taps, caps, valves and connectors

grifo Vitop Long Barrel

Vitop Tap

grifo V-pull Conro Long Barrel

V-Pull Tap

grifo Itap Rojo ref itap rojo

Red Itap Tap

grifo Itap Verde ref itap verde

Green Itap Tap

grifo Itap Aseptic ref itap asept

Orange Itap Tap

grifo Itap Azul ref itap azul

Blue Itap Tap


Smart Tap




Highflow Tap

tapขn Dairy Low Cap ref BD Blue

Low Spout Dairy Cap

tapขn Heat Resistance Dairy Low Cap ref SLB Blue

Low Spout Dairy Cap

tapขn Dairy High Cap ref SB Blue

High Spout Dairy Cap

tapขn Heat Resistance Dairy Cap ref HB Yellow Blue

High Spout Dairy Cap

tapขn Heat Resistance ASC ref SLA


tapขn Heat Resistance ASC ref MA


tapขn B2SB2C ref BV Violet

B2SB2C Cap

tapขn Elpo Low Cap ref ES Blue

Low Spout Elpo Cap

tapขn Elpo Med Cap ref EM Blue

Med Spout Elpo Cap

tapขn Heat Resistance Elpo Low Cap ref HTSL Blue

Med Spout Elpo Cap

tapขn Elpo High Cap ref BL Blue

High Spout Elpo Cap




Yellow Berg Jacob Cap


Screw Cap

tapขn Tamper evidance Dairy Cap ref ICAP-SL

Tamper Cap

v lvula Sentry SafeLock ref QSS

SSL Valve

v lvula CMB High Cap ref CMB Valve

CMB High Valve


DGV Valve

v lvula DS QCD ref DS QCD Valve

QCD Valve

v lvula QCD ref LB QCD Valve

QCD Valve

v lvula QCD SCREW ref DS QCD SCREW Valve

QCD Valve


QCV Valve

v lvula Conro connector disconnector ref Conro QCD Valve

Conro QCD Valve

v lvula Coca Cola Hoffer Valve ref STD Hoffer

Hoffer Valve

v lvula QCM Chemical Valve ref 1900

1900 QCM Valve


1900 Connector

Conector QCD ref VA015T

QCD Connector

Conector Vitop Estandard ref VA014

Vitop Connector

Conector Vitop Mini ref VA0140

Mini Connector


9mm Quick Serve


18mm Quick Serve

Tuck Tube ref GT tube

Tuck Tube

Tuck Tube Grifo ref MG tube

Tuck Tube Tap

Tuck Tube Grifo ref MN tube

Tuck Tube Tap

Tuck Tube Silicone ref TT silicone

Silicone Tuck Tube

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