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Perfect bag in box for liquid packaging

How to package oil? Try bag in box packaging

Spain is the world’s leading producer of olive oil, with approximately 300 million olive trees. It is considered the “liquid gold”, as it is a very special product both for its smell, taste and colour and for all the properties and benefits it provides when consumed. With bag in box boxes its properties are 100% preserved. When we buy a bottle or container of oil in the supermarket, we normally do not stop to think about the process it has gone through until it reaches our hands and our table.

In the same way that we pay special attention to its preparation and elaboration, we must also take into account the packaging process it will receive, as a bad choice or a poor quality container can spoil so much effort and dedication. Light, air, temperature and possible particles, such as metals, which can be transferred to the oil by the container, must be taken into account.

The most common containers in which oil is found are:

  • Glass bottle. This is probably the most popular option, as it looks better aesthetically than other types of packaging. The glass, however, must be opaque, otherwise the light would filter through and some of its properties could be lost. The advantage of this type of packaging is its recyclability, and the disadvantage is its fragility and low resistance.
  • Polyethylene packaging (better known as PET). It is an economical product, but it should be taken into account that it does not protect the oil from external factors, so it requires special maintenance outside of sunlight.
  • It is essential to know which type of tin to choose, as not all metals are good for conservation. Just like glass, this container can be recycled.
  • Bag in box. This is a lesser-known product, but it is currently on the rise due to its many benefits. Thanks to this packaging, the oil is preserved in a special bag that neither filters sunlight nor lets air in, so the liquid will last longer than the rest. There are several sizes and models, so they are perfect for both private and commercial use.

In Cartobol you will have a wide variety of bag in box boxes to choose from in case you want to try packaging your oil with them, and we will inform you about all the properties and benefits that they can have for the product.

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