Envasar lacteos baginbox cartobol

Packing dairy products with bag in box

The bag in box for milk and dairy products is a winning option for many companies in the dairy sector. Its characteristics make this packaging the perfect ally for extending the life of the packaged product while preserving all its qualities.

Discover the advantages of packaging milk and dairy products in bag-in-box format.

The Bag-in-Box has become the perfect packaging for all kinds of dairy products such as fresh milk, UHT milk, ice cream, milkshakes, cream, liquid cheese, yoghurts, among many others. And the advantages of this packaging for this type of product are many, being able to pack in formats of 1.5l, 3l, 5l or 10l.

The vacuum packaging system prevents contact with oxygen due to the oxygen barrier film and with external light because the bag is inside the cardboard box, two factors that directly affect the deterioration of the product. During the consumption of the product, the Cartobol bag in box cap, allows the product to be served without allowing oxygen to enter the bag and thus the shelf life of the dairy is much longer than being packaged with other traditional formats.

Other advantages:

  1. Easy to stack and transport container: being a box-type container, i.e. with all sides flat, it is easy to transport as it is easily stackable. It is also very useful at home, it fits in the fridge without the height problems of glass bottles, it is much lighter than glass bottles and the risk of breakage is minimised.
  2. More sustainable packaging: being lighter, easier to transport and generating economies of scale in the production process are factors that influence the carbon footprint of baginbox packaging to be much lower than that of traditional packaging. Also, the cardboard and the bag are fully recyclable, so that maximum use is made of them.
  3. More economical and versatile: taking into account its different formats, from 1l to 5l for domestic use or from 10l to 20l for professional or hospitality use, it generates economies of scale in the product packaging process. This has a direct impact on the final cost of the product and therefore on the price for the consumer.
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