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Packaging egg in baginbox

The bag in box is an efficient alternative to traditional packaging systems, and is increasingly sought after by manufacturers, distributors and consumers. Many are the products that are already marketed in this format, for example, packing eggs in a bag in box is a system that has been used for a long time both at a private and business level.

Bag in box for eggs, the definitive packaging

This packaging method has been an efficient response to the growing demand for liquid eggs, especially in the industrial market. The low life and conservation time of this type of product increase the need to use containers that keep it in the best conditions for a longer time, hence the success of the bag in box.

There are many restaurants, hotels and professional establishments that include eggs in their menus, so they need to be provided with large quantities without skimping on quality. In order to satisfy their needs, a large number of egg distributors market in bag in box.

At Cartobol we offer all of them a global service to be able to enjoy the bag in box, from the necessary materials for the boxes (bags, boxes, dosing caps) to specialized machines and dispensing equipment, among others.

Since 1983 at Cartobol we have been working to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, whether they are distributors, merchants or final consumers. To do so, we offer you a wide catalog of approved products that comply with the regulations and quality standards required by the CE.

Global bag in box solutions for liquid eggs

  • The bags of the bag in box system are totally hygienic or aseptic. Thanks to this, oxygen is not in contact with the product and, therefore, considerably extends its useful life.
  • They have a dispenser tap that provides the desired amount without wasting product or letting in external agents.
  • They offer optimal performance at a low price. The bag in box allows us to save both in transport and storage.
  • The system is disposable and favors the environment, since it uses a much lower percentage of plastic and does not need other elements such as metal. In addition, it is an easy solution to dispose of.
  • Hygiene is guaranteed in all cases, regardless of the liquid or food that we deposit in the bag in box, since the bags are sealed and some may be aseptic.

Do you want to know more about all the bag in box solutions for eggs that we offer at Cartobol? Contact us.

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