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Olive oil packaging in baginboxes

Olive oil is one of the most valued products in Mediterranean gastronomy and healthy eating worldwide. Known for its nutritional properties and unique taste, olive oil is essential in most of the world’s cuisines. However, the process of storing and distributing olive oil often poses challenges, as its quality and taste can be affected by exposure to air, light and heat. This is where bag in box packaging comes into play, offering an innovative and efficient way of storing and distributing olive oil.

The advantages of bag in box olive oil

One of the main advantages of packaging olive oil in a bag in box is that it allows for greater efficiency. Unlike traditional glass or plastic containers, BIBs have a dosage system that allows you to control the amount of oil to be used on each occasion, thus avoiding waste. They are also very easy to use and clean, which reduces the time and effort required for handling.

Another important advantage is the durability of the oil in these containers. The valve cap system of the BIBs prevents air from entering the inside of the container, which keeps the oil fresh for much longer than in traditional containers. This means that the olive oil can maintain its original properties and taste for months, even after the container has been opened.

In addition, BIB containers are very economical and sustainable. They are lighter and take up less space than traditional packaging, which reduces transport and storage costs. They are also easier to recycle, which contributes to reducing environmental impact.

Finally, BIB packaging is ideal for distribution and retail. They are very versatile and can be used in different sizes and capacities, making them suitable for different needs and budgets. In addition, their attractive and modern design attracts consumers’ attention and encourages them to try new products.

In summary, BIB containers are an excellent choice for the storage and distribution of olive oil due to their efficiency, durability, sustainability and attractiveness.

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