New bag in box packaging machine for your business

The importance of good packaging

There are many factors that help consumers to take notice of a product and for it to sell well, regardless of its quality and performance. On this occasion, however, we are going to focus on the impact that good packaging, such as that offered by the bag in box packaging machine, can have, as success or failure can depend on it.

Thus, each product needs specific packaging so that during transport and subsequent marketing it does not suffer any damage and is kept in optimum conditions. In addition, it is important that both the packaging and the label are attractive to the consumer, as this can be the factor that determines which product the customer chooses. Packaging can also provide information about the correct use of the packaging and additional information, such as nutritional information.

Well preserved products with the Bag in box packaging machine

Thanks to the packaging (the packaging and all the visual elements that go with it), the potential buyer notices the product beforehand and helps him to make his choice from among all the products on offer.

Semi-automatic filler

A good packaging can also help the correct conservation of the product it contains, otherwise it can even lose its properties and deteriorate.

In short, at Cartobol we believe in using good packaging, which is why we offer you an innovative system: the bag in box (BIB). In our company you will find all the necessary products to distribute and manufacture it, as well as the bag in box packaging machine, with which you will be able to pack bags of different sizes as you need them.

You can find us in Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona), where we will inform and advise you on everything you want to know about the bag in box packaging machine. You can also reach us by e-mail at or by telephone on (+34) 93 474 03 00 or (+34) 93 474 32 48.

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