bolsas baginbox

Liquid pouches: much better preservation

Bags for liquids

Research and development is ongoing in many areas to try to improve them. As a result, a new packaging proposal has emerged, thanks to material analysis, conservation studies and production process controls. This innovation is liquid pouches, which combine all the benefits of plastic, glass or cartons with those of flexible packaging.

More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious and trying to do what they can to protect the environment. That is why these bags are positioning themselves as a perfect alternative to other packaging such as bottles or briks. Less plastic is used in their manufacture (75% less), and due to their reduced dimensions, they can be used to transport more in the same journey than the rest, so fuel consumption will also be lower.

They are also perfect for sale, as the desired label can be printed on each bag at a low cost, and they stand up perfectly, which makes them more visible to the customer and attracts more attention than other conventional packaging.

bolsas baginbox

What is packed in these liquid bags?

Various liquids of different composition can be packed in these bags. These include

  • Energy drinks.
  • More generic drinks, such as juices, tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, milk shakes, etc.
  • Refrigerated products: ice cream, yoghurts, honey, sorbets, etc.
  • Miscellaneous sauces: mayonnaise, tomato sauce, edible and salad oils, etc.
  • Chemical products such as detergents, paints, gels or lubricating oils.
  • Cosmetics or pharmaceutical products: conditioners, lotions, creams, etc.

Cartobol was founded in 1983 with the aim of introducing the bag in box system in our country, knowing that it is a totally innovative method that allows us to take care of the environment and brings clear benefits to the conservation of liquids.


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