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Advantages of the bag in box for cosmetic products

The bag-in-box is an increasingly popular packaging solution in the cosmetics industry. This technology offers numerous advantages over other types of packaging, especially with regard to product protection and waste reduction. What is the bag-in-box? The bag-in-box is a packaging

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Types of bag in box printing

Baginbox box printing types are an essential part of the manufacturing process for high quality packaging. These systems allow packaging manufacturers to print vibrant and attractive designs on baginboxes that help attract consumer attention. There are several printing systems available

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Vermuteo Vermut Myrrha

Pack vermouth in bag in box

Vermouth is an alcoholic beverage that has been gaining popularity in recent years thanks to its versatility and unique flavor. One of the main challenges facing the vermouth industry is finding a way to package this beverage efficiently and safely

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Types of baginbox fillers

Filling automation is an increasingly popular trend in the food, pharmaceutical and many other industries. This technique consists of using specialized machines and equipment to fill bags automatically, thus increasing production and ensuring hygienic and safe filling. Our filling solutions

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envasar agua de mar ba in box

Advantages of bottled seawater

What is packaged seawater? Bottled seawater, also known as packaged ocean water, is a convenient way to obtain the nutritional benefits of seawater. As awareness of the importance of a balanced and healthy diet continues to grow, many people are

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What is the Bitube?

The Bitube or Bag-in-tube is a packaging system in which a plastic bag is inserted into a cardboard or plastic tube. The tube serves as an additional protection for the bag and also as a way to transport and store

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Olive oil packaging in baginboxes

Olive oil is one of the most valued products in Mediterranean gastronomy and healthy eating worldwide. Known for its nutritional properties and unique taste, olive oil is essential in most of the world’s cuisines. However, the process of storing and

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The future of the bag-in-box

The future of bag-in-box looks bright With an increasing number of companies turning to this sustainable and cost-effective packaging solution. Bag-in-box packaging, also known as bag packaging or flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC), consists of a flexible bag or pouch

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Cartobol Juice Bag in Box

Packaging juices in baginbox

Fruit juices are a popular and convenient way to consume a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins. They are usually packaged in glass bottles or aluminum cans, but there is another packaging option that has several advantages: the bag in

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bag in box para productos quimicos

The benefits of using BaginBox for chemicals

How the Bag-in-Box for chemicals is a solution that improves safety, sustainability and efficiency When it comes to storing and transporting chemicals, safety is one of the main concerns. Accidents can cause serious injuries and damage to both people and

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la historia del bag in box

The history of the baginbox

We review the development as well as the beginnings and history of the baginbox over the years. The history of baginbox dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The baginbox, also known as bag-in-box or bag in box,

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Packaging egg in baginbox

The bag in box is an efficient alternative to traditional packaging systems, and is increasingly sought after by manufacturers, distributors and consumers. Many are the products that are already marketed in this format, for example, packing eggs in a bag

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ModeloVinodelatierra Baginbox Cartobol

Our Generic Boxes of Bag in box

At Cartobol we offer boxes printed in offset, digital, flexography, masterflex and screen printing, backed by our parent company COMART S.A., a leader in the import and transformation of paper and cardboard since 1965. All our Bag in Box boxes

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We are very pleased to have participated in the Expoquimia Barcelona 2021 fair from 14 to 17 September. We have exhibited the latest developments and solutions in Bag in Box and Pouch packaging for all kinds of chemical products and

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Cartobol at Expoliva

We are very happy to participate one more year in the fair #Expoliva2021 in Jaén. A fair dedicated to olive oil and its industries in which we present our latest machines and solutions in bag in box packaging of olive

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Olive oil and Bag in box: Benefits

Bag in box for oil, the alternative for preserving its properties Olive oil, the extraordinary liquid gold that accompanies the vast majority of our country’s dishes, has a new best friend: the bag in box for olive oil. Distributing oil

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We are Innovative PYME

We are very happy to be recognised by the Ministry of Science and Innovation as an Innovative PYME (Innovative PYME). We continue to work for a better world through innovation in the packaging sector with Bag in Box, packaging all

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At Cartobol we are committed to making everyone feel #included and all voices are heard equally. We value #Diversity and the need to have all the female talent at all levels and with equal opportunities. #womensday.

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We are very proud of how well Vinnaturo has complemented its Bag in Box range with the 1.5L Pouch. Excellent example of how the two packs can complement each other perfectly. Cartobol S.A. fillers can fill both containers without the

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Bag in box para huevo

Bag in box para huevo, el envasado definitivo El bag in box es una alternativa eficiente a los tradicionales sistemas de envasados, y es cada vez más buscada por fabricantes, distribuidores y consumidores. Muchos son los productos que se comercializan ya en este

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Bag in box de agua de mar

Bag in box de agua de mar: un nuevo concepto Pese a la reticencia de algunos consumidores en sus orígenes, el sistema de envasado bag in box ha ido ganando terreno en la industria de nuestro país hasta convertirse en

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Bag in box para aceite

Bag in box para aceite, la alternativa para preservar sus propiedades El aceite, el extraordinario oro líquido que acompaña la gran mayoría de los platos de nuestro país, tiene un nuevo mejor amigo: el bag in box para aceite. Distribuir el aceite en

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bag in box para productos quimicos

Bag in box para detergentes

Bag in box para detergentes: un concepto arrasador Los sistemas de envasado bag in box para detergentes son cada vez más utilizados por numerosas marcas, ya que gracias a sus características estéticas y al impacto económico y ecológico que representa esta (no

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envasado stand up pouch cartobol

Bolsas stand up pouch, la opción más dulce

Bolsas stand up pouch El formato de bolsa conocido como stand up pouch es uno de los preferidos en la actualidad por un gran número de fabricantes y han conseguido hacerle competencia e incluso reemplazar en gran parte a los envases convencionales rígidos.

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Bag in box, precio muy económico

Nueva tecnología Bag in box: precio insuperable A menudo la tecnología y los nuevos métodos de producción consiguen que algunos mercados avancen a pasos agigantados, y que aparezcan nuevas técnicas o envases que permiten adaptarse a las necesidades reales de los consumidores y distribuidores. Gracias a esto, el siglo pasado

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bolsas baginbox

Bolsas Bag in box para conservar líquidos

¿Conoce los tipos de bolsas bag in box que existen? Las bolsas bag in box han llegado al mercado para quedarse. Se trata de un sistema de envasado que permite conservar líquidos (zumos, agua, vino, etc.) gracias a las bolsas en que

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Representación de Cartobol SIVAL 2016 Cartobol está presente esta semana en la feria SIVAL (Angers, Francia) donde presenta sus innovaciones para el llenado de Bag in Box en caliente. Las nuevas bolsas con film EVOH reforzado, que permiten llenar los BIB directamente desde el

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Proveedores bag in box para servir a tu negocio

Encuentre proveedores bag in box Cada vez son más las bodegas que deciden apostar por un formato diferente de envasado de vino: el bag in box. Para poder comercializarlo, deberán recurrir a proveedores de bag in box especializados en el suministro de todos

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bolsas baginbox

Bolsas para líquidos: conserva mucho mejor

Bolsas para líquidos Son continuas las investigaciones y los desarrollos en muchos ámbitos para intentar mejorarlos. Por ello, ha surgido una nueva propuesta de envasado, gracias a los análisis de materiales, los estudios de conservación y los controles de procesos

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Envases para vino bag in box: evite el plástico

Envases para vino bag in box: sistema perfecto

Envases para vino bag in box: evite el plástico El plástico es un material que actualmente se utiliza para infinidad de aplicaciones, ya que es económico, fácilmente moldeable y en principio puede reciclarse. Es normal, pues, que nos preguntemos por

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¡Quiero comprar Bag in box!

¿Dónde comprar bag in box? Cartobol es la solución. El sistema de envasado bag in box está en alza, y cada vez son más los fabricantes que optan por esta opción para comercializar sus productos, ya que las ventajas que

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