Industrial Packaging

Octavin Bag-in-Box

CARTOBOL’s OCTAVIN is a large format container for industrial use, that has proven to be a successful solution for the transport and storage of liquid food products such as wine, oil, fruit juices, dairy products or liquid egg. It is an alternative to the IBC and drums widely used in the market, with the advantage of not having to recover or wash them.

It allows large quantities of product to be transported and stored hygienically, safely and cost-effectively. Its bag + box concept preserves the product with all its characteristics and organoleptic properties until it is completely emptied. Its octagonal design gives it excellent resistance to hydrostatic pressure.

CARTOBOL has a permanent stock of 200L and 1000L bags and boxes. Less popular sizes such as 100L, 400L or 500L can be manufactured on request.

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