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I want to purchase bag in box!

Where to buy bag in box? Cartobol is the solution.

The bag in box packaging system is on the rise, and more and more manufacturers are opting for this option to market their products, as the advantages of packaging liquids with this method are many and very beneficial for both the product and for consumers. Today, it is possible to buy bag in box.

For this reason, the number of distributors who wish to buy bag in box for their businesses is increasing considerably, as the demand requires it. As it is not as well known today as other systems, there is a certain lack of knowledge about where to go to buy all the necessary material and specific machinery to manufacture these packaging boxes.

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Bag in box Bag in box bag

Cartobol, company founded in 1983, has the clear objective of continuing to introduce the bag in box in our country and to make it easier for distributors and traders to access them. We offer a wide range of products, all of them with the highest quality and guarantee:

  • Boxes: we have a wide variety of different sizes and capacities, as well as different designs to best suit the customer’s requirements. We offer generic or customised boxes.
  • Bags: an essential element for the correct maintenance of the product. We also have different taps or dispensing valves.
  • Pouch: we also have various sizes (1, 2, 3 and 5 litres) and models, both generic and customised.
  • Dispensing equipment: these are designed to serve wine in commercial premises such as bars or restaurants. They help to keep wine at the ideal temperature and ensure safety and good hygiene.
  • Dispensing coolers: also perfect for businesses, as they keep the beverage at the desired temperature and maintain it in the best conditions.
  • Grids: we can also provide you with grids for traditional and interpro wine crates.
  • Interpro: the necessary machinery to automatically position the bottle racks.
  • Machinery: we also offer a wide range of machines for the box manufacturing process and subsequent palletising.

In case you want to purchase bag in box, in Carotobol we give you the means to do it without worries and with the best possible advice. Contact us on our web form or on our telephone number.

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