Efficient liquid storage: Exploring Cartobol’s packaging offering

Discover Cartobol’s Bag in Box technology, an innovative solution for liquid packaging. Thanks to its modern technology and various shapes and sizes, it offers customised solutions that adapt to customers’ expectations, while reducing environmental impact and increasing efficiency. Learn how these containers contribute to cost savings, product quality preservation and carbon footprint reduction, making them an excellent alternative for modern organisations. Whether you work in the food or chemical industry, the company ensures that your liquid products are packaged with precision and care.

Adaptable to different sectors

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Cartobol offers Bag in Box specially designed to contain and dispense all types of liquid products, whatever their density and viscosity. This type of container is suitable for a wide range of sectors;

  • Food in all its varieties (dairy products and derivatives, wines and derivatives, liquors, oils, concentrated soft drinks, juices, sauces, eggs and derivatives, etc…).
  • Chemical products (detergents, paints, fertilisers, lubricants, hydrocarbons and derivatives, body treatment creams, etc.).
  • Additional uses: seawater, distilled water, treated water for aquariums, pet food or fish farms, among others.

These receptacles ensure that the liquids they contain are kept in optimal conservation conditions not only during storage, but also once opened, since if the product is dispensed with a tap and the liquid flows down to it by gravity, air cannot enter, preventing oxidation.

A global offer

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The BIB set, which consists of an outer box and an inner pouch, features a wide range of taps, caps and valves that allow the producer to customise the drinking experience and the way their consumers consume their products, thus facilitating and meeting the needs of the market. The inner pouches are composed of a variety of films that are blended to meet the unique qualities of the liquid. In addition to all this, the company manufactures Bag In Box packaging machines that adapt to the different closures that a customer may need today and in the evolution that is generated at any given time.

Our machines are designed for the different densities and viscosities of the products, as well as for the specific characteristics of the liquids to be packaged; even if it contains small solid particles such as pulp in juices or condiments in cooked dishes. The customer has the certainty that we are always at his side for any future projects he may initiate with this format.


Wide variety of formats

Liquid containers come in various formats (rectangular, square, cubic and other custom shapes) and a wide range of sizes, from 1.5 litres to 1000 litres and more. Cartobol also offers solutions for the Atmospheric, Ultra Clean or Aseptic market in the food sector by supplying containers and fillers for such use. In the chemical sector, it supplies ADR-compliant containers and generates the fillers required for the particularities of the sector.

Additionally, this type of receptacle is a benchmark in terms of economic savings due to its reduced storage space and, consequently, transport to the packaging point. In the same way, the liquids contained inside the bags occupy the packaged volume without producing excess space. This is achieved because it is a 6-sided box-shaped container that only occupies the volume of the liquid it contains. These boxes facilitate the assembly of the mosaic in the distribution of the different levels of boxes on a transport pallet.envasos liquid3

Liquids marketed in this type of packaging contribute to minimising the carbon footprint, as it is more than 80% recycled and recyclable with a very low recovery cost.

The present and the future guarantee that liquids packaged in Bag in Box are a commitment to savings, high dispensing efficiency, modernity and usefulness for the end user. If you need more information, you can contact Cartobol through our contact form and we will be happy to provide you with personalised and complete information that covers all your needs.

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