Case Erectors: liquid storage

Case erectors

The process of manufacturing a box is not simple, as there are several steps that must be followed for it to be carried out correctly and without failures, the first of which is the box erector. It is essential to have a good team of people who know the machinery and know what to do if something goes wrong. In addition, specific machines should be used for each task, which will facilitate the work and make it faster.

At Cartobol we are specialists in the distribution of bag in box (BIB) products, which consists of storing liquids (such as wine, sauces, liquid egg, juices, vinegar, etc.) inside a bag made of a specific material depending on what it is going to contain, which in turn is inside a box. One of its qualities is that it has a dispenser tap, so it is not possible for air to enter that could contaminate or alter the product.

Therefore, at Cartobol we provide all those bag in box distributors or traders with the necessary and indispensable tools to do so.

Box manufacturing

One of the steps to be carried out for the manufacture of the boxes is the formation of the boxes. For this purpose, box erectors are used. Our product range includes the Ecopack Master Form, which is equipped with its own vacuum pump. This machine forms the boxes automatically and ensures that they are in a good position in front of the filling machine (which inserts the liquid in question into the bag). It is equipped with an Easyleve skid, with which the crates are guided without the need for pre-gluing. In addition, the format can be changed by means of a touch screen and remote-controlled handwheels. It can be used for 2, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 litres.


Formadora automática

For more information about the box formers or any other bag in box machine, please contact Cartobol and we will be pleased to help you.

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