Envases para vino bag in box: evite el plástico

Bag in box wine packaging: the perfect system

Bag-in-box wine packaging: avoid plastic

Plastic is a material that is currently used for countless applications, as it is inexpensive, easily mouldable and in principle can be recycled. It is normal, therefore, that we wonder why this component is not used in products with so much demand such as wine or beer. From Cartobol we want to show you some of the reasons why it is not advisable to pack wine in plastic and discover the new bag in box wine containers:

  • The flavour may vary depending on the material in which it is stored, as it is absolutely necessary that the container in which it is stored is suitable for keeping all the flavour intact.
  • If plastic is used, it is easier for carbon dioxide to escape, which is the main cause of the effervescence of the liquid, as plastic is a very porous element.
  • Also, this component contains many chemical products that could be mixed with wine, which in addition to ruining it completely, is harmful to health.

For this reason, in Cartobol we believe that the ideal is to use a packaging system that avoids plastic, which can cause the reasons mentioned here, and that at the same time maintains all the properties and characteristics of the wine in its optimum conditions. Therefore, we offer you bag in box packaging for wine.

envase bag in box para vino

These containers are made up of a closed bag with a valve for dosing. This, in turn, is inside a closed box. Thanks to this system, the entire content is used, as the bags are made of a flexible material that allows it to be emptied as it is consumed. This also prevents air from getting in, so the wine will be kept in the best conditions for a longer period of time.

In case you need bag in box wine containers or the necessary machinery for the whole manufacturing process, Cartobol can provide you with all the guarantees.

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