Bag in Box, very economical price

New Bag in box technology: unbeatable price

Technology and new production methods often lead some markets to advance by leaps and bounds, and new techniques or packaging appear that allow them to adapt to the real needs of consumers and distributors.

Thanks to this, last century a new packaging system was born in the United States that has revolutionised the market in other countries: the bag in box (BIB).

What is the bag in box?

A bag in box is a box (as its name suggests) that stores liquid products inside a bag that is completely vacuum-sealed and has an airtight tap to let the product out. Thanks to this container, everything we put in it will be preserved in optimum conditions and for longer than in a conventional container.

marron 5l

Its presence in other countries, such as Norway or the United States, is greater than in Spain, so at Cartobol we believe it is important that consumers know about this product, as it is economical and practical, as well as environmentally friendly.

We offer you multiple BIB formats depending on what you want to deposit or for what purpose (depending on whether you are a private individual or for a business, for example) and, in addition, we offer you our bag in box at a competitive price.

Personalised boxes

In our Bag in box catalogue, you will find personalised boxes:

  1. Offset
  2. Masterflex
  3. Flexo

Generic boxes:

Generic boxes have capacities of 2, 3, 5, 5, 10, 15 and 20 litres.


Bags with specialised materials for the preservation of liquids with organoleptic properties with different types of capacity and taps and dispensers.

In Cartobol we are partners of some businesses in different fields: Comart, Spirax, Vino Quality, AGSA and Spirax. If you want to join them and get some of the products we offer in our catalogue, you can contact us through the form on our website, on the telephone number 93 474 03 00 or by e-mail at

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