cartobol envasado bag in box fabricacion maquina

Bag in box technical solutions for each sector and client

At Cartobol we design and manufacture Bag in Box packaging machines, offering personalized solutions adapted to the needs of our customers, which respond to the particular characteristics of each facility and the product to be packaged. Certain characteristics of the products can be identified that will determine which is the ideal solution for each type of application.

In the first place, the density and dynamic viscosity are two characteristics that should be taken into account when defining the ideal drive method for a given product. In this regard, Cartobol machinery can be supplied with various drive solutions such as centrifugal pumps with different rotor materials depending on the industry to which the machinery is directed, lobe pumps upon specific request or in conjunction with a pressurized tank for greater precision and control of the filling rate.

Two other important aspects of the product to be filled are its electrical conductivity and filling temperature. These characteristics will play a determining role when defining the type of flowmeter that must be incorporated into the machine. At Cartobol we work with the best brands on the market, such as Endress&Hauser, IFM and Burkert. Through the products of these manufacturers, Cartobol can offer a wide variety of volumetric counting systems, from electromagnetic flowmeters for the dosing of conductive products, through mass measurement models for extremely high precision in filling non-conductive products, as well as turbine meters. which also allow the dosing of non-conductive products with good precision and at a more affordable cost than mass dosing models. Likewise, we can also supply our machines with flowmeter models adapted to the passage of product at high temperature, both for filling and for cleaning or sterilization processes. In this case, if the client requires the passage of the product at high temperature, the corresponding sanitary hose model must also be adapted, these being available in the Cartobol S.A. stock.

Finally, the cap model chosen for the Bag in Box bag will determine the type of clamp needed to perform the uncapping and capping operations during the filling process. There is a wide variety of plug models on the market, which, depending on their design, will require a mechanical or pneumatic clamp to carry out the plugging and unplugging operations. Cartobol designs and manufactures different models of clamps and claws in order to cover the operating needs of the caps chosen by customers. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have a catalog of clamp and claw designs for most cap models on the market, also offering the possibility of developing specific solutions for new cap models that come onto the market.

Cartobol’s technical department studies the specific case of each client, product and machine with the aim of ensuring optimal design and operation of the installation.

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