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Bag in Box Packaging: New way of presenting your products

Types of packaging: get to know bag in box packaging

Just as consumers’ tastes and opinions about a product or its quality change, so do the type of packaging in which we buy it. What we once thought was the best option may later seem impractical or simply no longer appeals to us. Bag in box packaging provides a correct conservation and also a suitable presentation of the product through the Bag in box boxes.

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For this reason, new packaging methods are appearing on the market that provide characteristics that the existing ones do not have. Some of the types of packaging we can find are:

  • Cans, used for a large percentage of the products on the market (approximately 90%).
  • Drums, mainly used in the industrial sector. They can be reused and can be found in liquids and semi-liquids.
  • Tetrabriks, widely used for the sale of liquid products.
  • Bottles, glass jars and PET. The latter is gaining more and more ground over the former, as it is a more practical and useful container.
  • Bag in box packaging. These are becoming more and more important, as they allow greater conservation of the liquids we introduce (wines, sauces, eggs, juices, etc.) and there are various sizes that can be adapted to the needs of each client.

At Cartobol we are aware of the constant change in the market, and that is why we want to offer you all the products and services necessary for you to develop your own bag in box packaging, as we believe that this type of packaging is the best in terms of quality and convenience.

The bag in box consists of a box, inside which is placed a bag with special characteristics depending on the type of liquid we have introduced. This bag has a tap, so that we can serve the product without having to open the box at all and everything is kept in optimum conditions, as no air is allowed to enter. In this way, in addition, all the liquid is used, as the bags have a total emptying system that makes it contract as it is being emptied.

If you would like more information about this packaging system or the products we offer, please contact Cartobol and we will attend to you with the utmost professionalism.

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