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Bag in box of sea water

Bag in box seawater: a new concept

Despite the reluctance of some consumers in its origins, the bag in box packaging system has been gaining ground in the industry in our country to become one of the most sought after by manufacturers and users. Although wine is currently the liquid most commonly packaged in BiB, we are finding an increasing number of products in this format, such as the bag in box seawater.

Many salted water distributors are opting for this packaging system, as it is a practical format, convenient to use, offers the possibility of customisation, reduces transport and storage costs and is also beneficial to the environment.

Seawater is a very favourable element for our health, both when we come into contact with it directly (bathing in the sea) and when we introduce it into our organism (drinking it).

The advantages of this natural component are:

  • Relief from infections.
  • Improvement of asthma and various respiratory conditions.
  • Rejuvenation of tissues.
  • Relaxation of muscles, stress and tension.
  • Feeling of happiness, serenity and calmness.
  • Improvement of blood circulation.

In order to benefit from all these factors, it is important that the seawater we drink comes from a reliable supplier, who guarantees that all their products have passed quality controls and that they use packaging that does not damage the contents.

It is not surprising, therefore, that a large number of seawater distributors have already opted for the bag in box format to market their products. The BiB has arrived in our country as a new packaging system that is more sustainable, convenient and practical than the traditional ones.

Where to buy bag in box seawater packaging?

If you want to give your product a boost and change its packaging or you are thinking of launching your own brand on the market with this beneficial system, at Cartobol we can help you to achieve it.

We have all the necessary products for you to develop your bag in box yourself (filling machines, sealers, formers, etc.), as well as bags, boxes and caps of different sizes. We personalise your boxes to achieve a corporate image and make it easy for consumers to recognise your seawater.

Contact us by e-mail at and we will supply you with all the information needed.

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