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Bag in box machines: wide catalogue and coverage

Our Bag in box machines

The process of preparing and manufacturing any type of box requires a process and specialised machinery to carry out the task. At Cartobol we are dedicated to the distribution of bag in box machines and their components, such as boxes, bags, pouches, dispensing equipment and coolers and grids. We also offer our customers a catalogue of machinery specialised in the bag in box system.

Bag in box machines catalogue

Below you will find the bag in box machines that you will find in our catalogue:

  • BIB (Bag in Box) fillers: these are machines that fill and close the bags that store the products in the boxes. They are available in manual, semi-automatic and automatic versions.
  • Case erectors: as their name suggests, these machines are responsible for erecting the cases and placing them correctly for subsequent filling. Specifically, we have the Ecopack Master Form, which is suitable for 2, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 litres.
  • Box sealers: these ensure the correct sealing of the box to protect the product from any possible damage.
  • Buffer tanks: we offer two of them, one of 100 and the other of 200 litres. Both are pressurised.
  • Filtration equipment: we have wine filtration equipment, which is absolutely necessary to guarantee its quality and optimum cleanliness.
  • Palletisers: we have an automatic palletiser, the Speed Box, a very useful tool at the end of the process, as it is responsible for collecting the boxes and placing them on pallets in a totally orderly manner. It is a quick and easy solution.
  • Automatic bag in box line: a modular system consisting of: an automatic Ecopack Master Form, an automatic Ecofill Master filler and an Ecofill Hot Melt sealer.
  • Automatic grid positioner: we offer our Interpro machine.

As you can see, at Cartobol we offer a wide variety of bag in box machines so that you can incorporate them into your equipment. Ask for information without obligation.

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