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Bag in Box in our cardboard factory in Barcelona

The packaging of liquids has to be very rigorous, as it requires a high quality in the materials and in the system to correctly maintain the state of the liquid and, on the other hand, to guarantee its closure.

What material is our packaging made of? Mono and multi-layer films are the materials that make up the Bag in Box product. It is composed of a unique oxygen barrier, valves and emptying system. The perfect closure is achieved thanks to a robust box printed on the outside.

Resistance, lightness and sustainability are three of the terms that perfectly define Cartobol’s star product, clearly our hallmark. The secret? It prevents air from entering and allows it to be dosed so that the liquid is optimally preserved. In addition, all our products are approved and comply with all EC quality standards.

In our extensive Bag in Box catalogue you will find some models of generic boxes from 2 to 20 litres, bags with different taps and valves, dispensing coolers, grids, generic and customised boxes, as well as machines such as fillers, box formers and closers, among other devices.

Do you want to keep your liquids fresh and in perfect condition? Go for our brilliant Bag in Box system. Contact our cardboard factory in Barcelona and you will receive more information about our products.

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