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Bag in box for oil

Bag in box for oil, the alternative for preserving its properties

Oil, the extraordinary liquid gold that accompanies the vast majority of our country’s dishes, has a new best friend: the bag in box for oil.

Distributing oil in a bag in box is a method that is still little known in Spain but is gaining more and more followers, as it is becoming a revolution due to its multiple benefits for both suppliers and end consumers.

The bag in box (BiB) is a packaging system consisting mainly of a bag made of mono and multi-layer film materials that shrinks as the liquid is emptied, protecting it from light, air and all external agents. The pouch is inserted into a robust printed box that is strong, environmentally friendly and easily customisable. Much of its appeal lies in its dispensing method, as it has a cap that allows the desired amount to be squeezed out without dripping or allowing air to enter.


Many liquids and semi-liquid foodstuffs are already stored in this type of packaging, as it preserves them in optimal conditions and brings great advantages to both distributors and consumers.

Oil in bag in box: right or wrong?

Oil is a product that, in order to be fully enjoyed, must maintain its natural characteristics and give off its own aromas. Storing oil in a bag in box is an ideal method for preserving its nutritional values and aromas, as it is fully protected from light and oxidation.

Storing oil in a bag in box has been a revolution in the sector, as it is a delicate product which, as we have said, needs to preserve its properties in order to enjoy it to the full.


The fact that the bag shrinks as the oil is removed prevents air from entering, so the product does not oxidise (it does not go rancid). In addition, the bag in box protects the oil from sunlight, which is very harmful to extra virgin olive oil because it easily degrades chlorophyll, the element responsible for the green colour.

At Cartobol, the first certified BiB supplier in Spain, we want to help you innovate and preserve your product in optimum conditions. If you are interested in our bag in box for oil, please contact us and we will inform you without obligation.


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