bag in box para productos quimicos

Bag in box for detergents

Bag-in-box for detergents: a winning concept

Bag in box packaging systems for detergents are increasingly being used by many brands, because thanks to their aesthetic characteristics and the economic and ecological impact that this (not so new) technology represents, it is a perfect option for liquid and semi-liquid products.

The wide range of detergents on the market has increased the need for manufacturers to make a difference both in the quality of their products and in their packaging.

Gone are the cumbersome boxes without dispensers that are impractical and the heavy plastic containers that break easily and pollute the environment; bag in box (BiB) technology has established itself as a durable, reliable and environmentally friendly packaging.

Why use bag in box for detergents?

Beyond the aesthetic aspect that attracts us so much when we go to the supermarket, this packaging system brings great advantages to detergent manufacturers compared to others such as plastic:

  • It represents lower storage and transport costs. It is possible to store and transport a larger number of BiB containers, which translates into significant savings.
  • Reduces the number of raw materials. The components from which the whole system is made (boxes, pouches, dispensers, etc.) are produced from less environmentally harmful materials. A 5-litre bag in box, for example, requires 70% less plastic than a bottle of the same material and capacity.
  • Less environmental pollution. BiB is an environmentally friendly system with a reduced carbon footprint. This also translates into lower recycling costs, as both the bag and the cardboard are recyclable.
  • Increases practicality. Bag in box systems are mainly composed of a box, a bag and a dosing cap. Thanks to this last element, it is possible to extract only the amount of product we need without wasting anything. In addition, the detergent is kept in optimum conditions for much longer, as the system prevents air from getting inside.

Both buying bag in box detergent containers and marketing them brings great advantages for individuals, businesses and the environment.

If you also want to benefit from its features and are looking for distributors and manufacturers of bag in box, contact Cartobol and we will offer you a solution that suits you.

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