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Bag in box bags for liquid storage

Do you know the types of bag in box bags that exist?

Bag in box bags are here to stay. It is a packaging system that allows liquids (juices, water, wine, etc.) to be preserved thanks to the bags in which they are kept, which in turn are in the box.

It is important that these bags are perfectly adapted to the liquid to which they are going to be exposed, as they are responsible for keeping it in optimum condition.

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They are available in square or rectangular shapes, with right-angled or rounded corners. There are also bags of different sizes, from 1.5 to 1,000 litres, depending on requirements. The following are the types of bag in box bags available on the market:

  • Clear Bag: its outer film is made of multilayer EVOH which stops the entry of oxygen. It has multiple applications: juices, wines, liquid egg, cocktails, dairy products, non-food products and food oils.
  • Metal Bag: its exterior is made of metallised polyester, which also acts as an oxygen barrier. It is used for juices, wines, dairy products, liquid eggs and cocktails.
  • Flex Bag: multilayer EVOH outer film, with a structure adapted to withstand long-distance transport and prepared to receive large quantities. We use it with products such as the previous ones, as well as those considered non-food, which are non-food liquid and semi-liquid products (detergents, paints, oils, etc.).
  • Extend Bag: this bag has a double EVOH film structure, which represents a great barrier for oxygen. Its application is based on wine, as it can perfectly preserve its properties.
  • Reinforced Bag: this bag is also used for the transport and packaging of wine and consists of an outer polyamide film with high mechanical strength.
  • Water-grade Bag: this bag develops a film with materials that provide an organoleptic behaviour (that which can be perceived by the sense organs), which guarantees optimum preservation of the product. It is used especially for preserving water.
  • Transparent polyamide bag: its main use is for packaging non-food products, such as paints or oils.
  • Transparent bag without barrier properties: depending on its use (liquid egg or dairy products) it will have a different composition and thickness.

In Cartobol you will find bag in box bags and the different taps that can be added depending on the application we want to give them. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to help you.

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