CARTOBOL S.A. was founded in Spain in 1983 with the purpose of introducing the BAG-IN-BOX system within the national territory, thus becoming the first certified supplier in Spain. Since then, CARTOBOL S.A.  has developed the BAG-IN-BOX market by presenting a global solution consisting of bags, boxes and filling equipment beyond our borders. Today, CARTOBOL S.A.  is firmly established in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, and has expanded to more than 70 countries across five continents.

We create value in a sustainable way, with a specialised and committed team that works with ethics, professionalism and passion. People who share our mission and vision, and who bring together different nationalities, cultures, talents, ages and abilities to achieve ever greater goals and together pursue excellence.

Our present is a team that perfectly combines years of experience and youth. Nothing has ever stopped us and we have always looked ahead, opening windows when doors have been closed to us.

“INNOVATION BY NATURE” is our corporate slogan, our philosophy and our way of life.


All our products are approved and in compliance with all regulations and quality standards required by the EEC. We focus our service on the full satisfaction of the user, as far as the Bag-in-Box is concerned.


As a result of constant innovation, we offer unconventional, economical, low ecological impact solutions that have been specially designed to improve the storage, transport and preservation of liquids without losing their quality, allowing a full user experience.

Global Service

Our highly qualified staff will provide you with all the information and technical support you need regarding our products and global solutions: Bag-in-Box bags, Bag-in-Box boxes, Bag-in-Box taps/plugs/valves, Bag-in-Box semi-automatic filling machines and Bag-in-Box automatic filling lines.

At Cartobol we are a team of more than fifty people who work side by side to provide the best solution for our customers. These are the positions you can contact.

Lluis Ginjaume Egido

General Manager

Luis Gordo

Technical Manager

Lluis Ginjaume Matas

Sales Manager

Ignasi Ginjaume Matas

Technical Engineer

Sebastian Gasparotto

Technical Engineer

Robert Cabañero

Technical Engineer

Moha Gharbaoui

Technical Engineer

Gerard Ubide

Technical Designer

Jordi Bou

Sales Manager Spain

Eli López Díaz

Sales Manager Spain

Mayte Calvo Ortega

Export Manager

Victoria Arduin

Export Manager

Claudia González

Production Department

Anna Pousa

Sales Manager France Est et Corse

Gwenn Laroche

Sales Manager France Occitanie

Sylvie Pouchou

Sales Manager France Sud-Ouest

Maria del Mar Corvillo

Administration and logistics

Isabel Palomino

Technical Service

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