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3 Advantages of Bag in Box

As is known, the baginbox container in its packaging system is more compact for greater transport and storage efficiency, as well as for easier use. In addition, the switch from plastic containers (bottles) to bag-in-box allows for a lower carbon footprint overall. In this article we analyze its 3 advantages:

1. Bag in box: sustainable manufacturing compared to other packaging systems

The manufacture of bag-in-box packaging is significantly more sustainable than plastic packaging because it uses fewer resources. Most conventional plastic packaging is made entirely of high-density polyethylene, a rigid plastic that, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, is only recycled about 30% of the time. Bag in box packaging uses less plastic because only the bag part is made of plastic and it is a lower density type, which reduces the total amount of plastic used, as well as emissions and waste.

Cardboard is one of the materials with one of the lowest environmental impacts because it is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. More specifically, the cardboard we use degrades in a maximum of one year. More than 75% of a bag-in-box package is cardboard and fully recyclable, renewable and biodegradable. The other 25% is plastic, the recyclability of which depends on geographic location and its collection, sorting, and recycling infrastructure.

2. Efficient transport with the bag in box

Bag-in-box products are more convenient to ship and transport. The container, being rectangular in shape, occupies less space and can be easily stacked. This means that more bag-in-box products can be shipped at the same time. As a result, CO2 emissions are reduced because fewer trucks are needed to transport bag-in-box products.

The same is true for shipping before packaging, as empty bag-in-boxes can be delivered flat and take up very little space. Using the same logic as above, this means there are fewer CO2 emissions because fewer trucks are needed to transport empty bag-in-box packages.

3. Bag-in-box storage

Once the product arrives at a warehouse or facility, it must be stored in the appropriate location to await shipment or for later use. This can be challenging due to the small, tight spaces. The Bag-in-box’s shape and size help minimize space requirements. When stacked, there is no dead space between the boxes, unlike bottles.

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