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10 Frequently Asked Questions about the Buffer Tank

The secret to maximum productivity and precision in bag-in-box packaging. One of the most undervalued machines in the bag in box sector is undoubtedly the pressurized tank. The machine that allows feeding the packaging machine so that the entire chain works with the greatest possible efficiency. Today we want to answer the questions that our clients usually ask us.

1. How is the liquid level kept constant?

It has a radar probe that indicates the level and controls it through a set of valves. This activates and the drive pump depending on the amount of liquid

2. How do we keep the nitrogen pressure constant?

Through a pressure probe that controls the pressurization and depressurization valves.

3. What are the necessary accessories to achieve a constant level and pressure?

An impulsion pump controlled by a frequency inverter to control the acceleration and deceleration ramp.

4. What type of pump should be used to feed this pressure vessel? What is the pressure required for the pump?

It depends on the product, but normally it is recommended that it have a flow rate of 10,000 litres/hour at a minimum pressure of 3.5 bars.

5. How is the pump connected to the inlet of this tank?

It is connected directly to the tank inlet by means of a 1.5” clamp. And the output of the tank to the filler. It also has another outlet for emptying the tank.

6. Do you have valves on both inlet and outlet?

Yes, it has 4 product valves: one for inlet, one for outlet, one for emptying and another for inlet to the internal cleaning ball. In addition, it has solenoid valves for the introduction of sterile air or nitrogen and others for exhaust.

7. What is the failsafe system to prevent over or under pressurization?

Continuous control by the automaton. In addition, it has a safety valve set at 2.5 Bars (in 200L tanks) that would open the passage in case of failure.

8. Is the nitrogen supply continuous or is it filled once?

The supply of N2 or sterile air is not continuous, in order to maintain the pressurization of the tank and its consumption is approximately 60 litres/minute.

9. Is nitrogen consumable?

If it is a consumable, if a nitrogen installation is not available, at Cartobol we can equip the tank with a filter system that converts compressed air into sterile air. If so, what is the N2 consumption rate? About 60 liters / minute approximately.

10. Can it be connected to both a semi-automatic and automatic machine?

The answer is yes, the deposit is fully automatic and can work with a semi-automatic bag in box filler or with an automatic filler.

If you want to know more about pressurized tanks and how they can favor your packaging, do not hesitate to contact our technical and commercial team. We will be happy to help you!

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