CARTOBOL S.A. was founded in Spain in 1983 with the purpose of introducing the BAG-IN-BOX system within the national territory, thus becoming the first certified supplier in Spain. Since then, CARTOBOL S.A. has developed the BAG-IN-BOX market by presenting a global solution consisting of bags, boxes and filling equipment. Today, CARTOBOL S.A. is firmly established in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, and has expanded to more than 70 countries across five continents.

We create value in a sustainable way, with a specialised and committed team that works with ethics, professionalism and passion. People who share our mission and vision, and who bring together different nationalities, cultures, talents, ages and abilities to achieve ever greater goals and together pursue excellence.

Our present is a team that perfectly combines years of experience and youth. Nothing has ever stopped us and we have always looked ahead, opening windows when doors have been closed to us.

“INNOVATION BY NATURE” is our corporate slogan, our philosophy and our way of life.

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The Global Solution

To always be one step ahead, to be leaders, to be different, that has always been our roadmap. Cartobol has consolidated a position of international prestige by offering a global solution with a competitive proposal of bags, boxes and Bag-in-Box packaging equipment.

With this business model we offer fully integrated and customised solutions that take advantage of our extensive experience and technology to maximise quality, safety and profitability.

CARTOBOL: Global solution Bag-in-Box

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Bag in Box Machine Manufacturers

The manufacture of bag in box machines plays a fundamental role in the competitive world of packaging, in order to guarantee the efficiency and quality of the process. In this context, Cartobol, with its headquarters in Barcelona, has stood out as an indisputable reference in the production of bag in box packaging machines since its

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What is Bag in Box?

In the constant search for efficient and sustainable liquid packaging solutions, bag in box has emerged as a revolutionary option. What is bag in box? This system not only optimises the preservation of a wide variety of liquid products, but also has significant environmental and logistical benefits. In this article, we will explore in detail

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Our values

We believe in excellence


All our products are approved and in compliance with all regulations and quality standards required by the EEC. We focus our service on the full satisfaction of the user, be it the distributor, the dealer or the end consumer.


As a result of constant innovation, we offer unconventional, economical, low ecological impact solutions that have been specially designed to improve the storage, transport and preservation of liquids without losing their quality, allowing a full user experience.

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Our highly qualified staff will provide you with all the information and technical support you need regarding our products and global solutions: Bag-in-Box bags, Bag-in-Box boxes, Bag-in-Box taps/plugs/valves, Bag-in-Box semi-automatic filling machines and Bag-in-Box automatic filling lines.


Bag-in-Box is a perfect container for liquid packaging.

 l Bag-in-Box (BIB) is a more environmentally friendly packaging with a lower carbon footprint than other alternative packaging. A unique package that protects its contents by isolating it from air and light until its final consumption, thus guaranteeing the freshness, flavour, aroma and colour of the packaged product from the first to the last drop. It keeps the product in perfect condition, even after opening, as the Bag-in-Box (BIB)  system prevents air from entering during dosing and keeps the product under vacuum in optimum preservation until the contents are finished.

A  Bag-in-Box (BIB)  consists of a bag with a tap, cap or valve and a corrugated cardboard box. The bag can be transparent or metallised, the latter is manufactured by combining monolayer and/or multilayer films to obtain bags with different levels of protection against oxygen and light.

Bag-in-box products

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